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The team

The team here at the Worksop Turbine are an important part of our service. To help you get to know them better we have asked each team member to write a little profile of themselves.

Say ‘hi’ to them when you see them around the centre, and remember, they are here to help you so please feel free to raise any questions or concerns.

We also love your feedback – any comments you have – please do let us know.

Claire Gregory: Centre Manager

Claire Gregory: Centre Manager

My job is to oversee the day to day operational aspects of the centre, so that our customers can concentrate on growing and developing within a successful environment. I look after the budgets and financial matters while overseeing the security, health and safety and operational aspects.

As much as I love sending time with our community of business at times I am either out and about networking and meeting with like-minded folk, or hidden away making sure that the centre continues to perform and remains a successful environment for you to run your business from. You will more than likely see me running back and forth to reception when my printer is broken!

I have grown with the centre myself and I look forward to the new challenges each day brings. I have a real passion for my work, as I have seen that what we offer makes a difference. I think it is a fantastic concept, that what we offer provides everything a successful business could need.

I have a strong background in customer service and have worked for many years in the hospitality industry, I am a real people person and am known within the centre as a bit of a chatterbox, I like to call this customer engagement.

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family. I also enjoy going to the gym and have a very energetic Hungarian Viszla who never tires of being out and about walking.

Adele Davies: Assistant Centre Manger

Adele Davies: Assistant Centre Manger

Hi there, I am Adele, the Assistant Centre Manager.

My role in the centre is to support the Centre Manager and assist with the smooth running of the day to day operations.

You will normally find me on reception as I love being at the heart of the centre and enjoy hands on management.

I have grown from previous role in the centre but am still learning each day. I believe my passion and drive for my job is clear to anyone who meets me.

My role involves a variety of different duties dealing with customers and clients and supporting Claire. I work with a fabulous team, which makes my role even more enjoyable.

Outside of work I love to spend time with my family and friends. I live with my partner, two children and two crazy dogs, so never a dull moment.

Katy Sanderson: Centre Support Assistant

Katy Sanderson: Centre Support Assistant

Hi, I’m a Centre Support Assistant here at the Worksop Turbine.

My role is to help the Centre Assistant Manager with daily tasks and be the point of contact at reception for all our internal and external customers. I really enjoy working here - everyone is so friendly and it’s a great place to work.

My past work experience is all customer service-related in hospitality and retail. When I’m not at work I’m running around after my 2 daughters and appreciate spending time with my family and friends.

Fran Thornton: Centre Support Assistant

Fran Thornton: Centre Support Assistant

My role at Worksop Turbine varies massively from day to day – core responsibilities include answering telephone calls, co-ordinating conferences and greeting visitors to name a few.

The team here at Worksop Turbine is second to none. Supportive and friendly, we ensure that each day runs smoothly for the companies working here. You can always be sure of a warm welcome.


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